Salina 2024
8-14 June 2024

We will spend a week on beautiful Salina to explore the films, food and culture of this jewel of the Aeolian islands. In association with Giuseppe La Malfa’s Salina Ecogastronomica, other local associations and food and wine producers, we will visit the film locations of Il Postino, Vulcano and Stromboli and discuss Sicilian cinema in convivial company and glorious surroundings.


Talks and Tours£525. 00 (To be paid in advance).


Accommodation and dinner for the week at A Cannata.

Per person: Single room (ensuite): Euro 660

Per person: Double (ensuite): Euro 540

(To be paid on departure).

Lunch with local food and wine producers will be approximately 15 euros per person.


Saturday 8 June

16.30-19.30. Arrival: A Cannata in Lingua. Aperitivo and dinner with special guests Giuseppe La Malfa and Marzia Beninati.



Sunday 9 June.

8.00-9.30. Breakfast.

10.00-12.00. Welcome to Salina. Marzia Beninati: ‘My Salina’. Documentary Film on Salina. Introduction to Salina.  Introduction to Sicilian films.

13.15 Travel to Pollara.

14.00 Lunch and caper tasting. Sapori Eoliani Azienda Agricola

16.00-17.30. Passeggiata/ Aperitivo in Pollara.

18.00. Film: Il Postino.

20.00. Return to A Cannata

20.30 Dinner A Cannata.


Monday 10 June.

8.00-9.30. Breakfast.

10.00. Wine Trekking with Giuseppe La Malfa and Salina EcoGastronomica

12.30 Lunch with Salvatore D’Amico and Mayor of Leni

14.30. Return to A Cannata. Free time.

17.00 Lingua to Santa Marina –

Shopping – via Risorgimento, Santa Marina

18.00 Passeggiata Lungomare – meet Mayor of Santa Marina

18.30 Aperitivo at Café du Mari, Lungomare

20.00 Return to A Cannata

20.30 Dinner at A Cannata.


Tuesday 11 June

8.00-9.30. Breakfast.

10.00-11.00 Film discussion Italian neo-realism (including Stromboli).

11.30 Aliscafo to Stromboli.

13.00. Lunch at Ristorante Zurro.

15,00. Stromboli visit.

17.00. Return to Salina. Free time.

20.30 Dinner A Cannata.


Wednesday 12 June.

8.00-9.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Lingua Trekking and nature walk.

12.30 Lunch at Alfredo’s. Street food. Pane Cunzato. Granita.

16.00 Lingua- Malfa. Passegiata.  Laboratorio Ceramico.

18.00 Hotel Signum for Aperitivo with Clara (also Mayor of Malfa).

20.00 Return to A Cannata

20.30 Dinner A Cannata.


Thursday 13 June.

8.00-9.30 Breakfast.

10.00 Lingua to Rinella. Swimming/paddling

12.30. Lunch. Street Food. Arancini.

14.00. Discussion of the films of Nanni Moretti followed by film ‘Caro Diario’

17.00 Rinella-Lingua

18.00. Wine-tasting at Lingua. Guest: La Postina Anna.

20.30. Final dinner at A Cannata.


Friday 14 June.

8.00-9.30. Breakfast.

Free time.





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